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Joel Johnson"I completely recommend Next Level to everybody and anybody that wants to take their life and work ethic to the next level. I personally this summer got to partake in Next level athlete training and getting to work with Sonny Wilson and it kept me not just in shape but in shape to tackle high school football two-a-days. I came into practice ready to perform at the next level thanks to Sonny Wilson and Codi Mccorkle. During the fitness program you are always going, working hard, and getting better and that's what I loved about it. When choosing a workout program I pick Next Level over anything to bring my game and my life to the next level!"

-Joel Johnson, Wide Receiver at Abilene Christian University

"Joining the Next Level Summer Track we didn't really know what to expect. My son, Silver just wanted to increase his speed and stay in shape throughout summer. No lie, there were times when he didn't want to go and it was really hot some days- but it all paid off when my son made it to state competition in College Station. He was one of the youngest in his age bracket but with Sonny and Codi's coaching and encouragement, he placed in the middle of his age bracket. That is- he placed mid ranged going up against kids that were 2yrs older than him and more experienced. More importantly, he increased his speed and improved on his running form and also became more comfortable with the blocks. Silver came away from this summer track at Next Level a more confident, faster, and determined athlete. Thank you guys for leading, loving, and coaching our son the way you do! We will be back next summer for sure!"

-Howard & Michelle Hinson, Parents