Sonny Wilson is certified by A.C.E., I.F.A.( International Fitness Association) Group Fitness, and P.C.A (Positive Coaching Alliance). Coach Sonny has trained kids, athletes, adults, and senior citizens since he graduated from Burnet High School. He is a member of the Burnet Youth Tackle Football League, member of the TEXAS ATHLETIC AMATEUR FEDERATION. Coach Sonny has his own select sport organization called "Next Level Sports", that consist of football, basketball, track&field, softball, and baseball.  He owns his own Strength and Conditioning business called Next Level Athlete Training which is Burnet High School summer strength and conditioning program.

Sonny is a crazy, fun, outgoing, witty, sports oriented type of guy. He is a very passionate individual that loves to help people push themselves to their max potential every single day. He found when he was a younger that he had a true love for coaching and helping others. He knew that he was not going to have a long lasting career playing sports, so he decided to dedicate his time learning how to coach/train athletes in every sport to be the best they can be.