The Next Level track and field program has been one of the most fun and exciting experiences in my life as an athlete. This program has allowed me and many other athletes to go on and compete at the highest level of track and field in the state of Texas. Even in the first year of track and field for Next Level, it sent more athletes to the state meet than almost any other program. Sonny and Codi have done wonders for all the athletes who participated this summer!

Cash Ringstaff  Athlete 

I have loved Next Level and definitely would like to come back! It teaches you discipline and heart and to push hard for something you want and to not give up; 2 things I have gained from this experience is I have gotten faster and stronger.

Alley Hayes  Highlandette 

I think the program is wonderful. I like that they actively try to push the kids safely in order to make them better. She isn’t eager to “skip” sessions, it shows me that she enjoys seeing herself improve as well as her coaches.

Shaunna Thrane  Parent of athlete 

My overall feeling about Next Level is the program is “goal-oriented” in a very positive setting that pushes each athlete to perform at the highest level.

Nathan Brown  Parent 

I have never been the #1 athlete, but Next Level Training has encouraged me to push myself to be the best athlete that I can possibly be. Sonny and his team have always believed in me and pushed me to my limits. My hard work has paid off; I am stronger and more confident in my abilities. While past summer workout programs I attended were geared more towards football athletes, Next Level Training was personalized for all types of athletes, both boys and girls. I am looking forward to my final year in BTX athletics. I know I have gotten to MY next level!

Sierra French  Athlete 

Coach Sonny and coach Codi - thank you for teaching and pushing me to be at my very best this summer. After each workout I could feel the positive changes to my body. I plan to come to Next Level Athlete Training every summer to get stronger and be fit.

Wyatt James  Athlete 

I really enjoyed the Next Level training camp. It was challenging and pushed me to go beyond what I thought I could do. I have improved more than I thought was possible.

Micah Snow  Athlete 

My son asked to join the summer track program that Sonny Wilson and Next Level offered in the summer of 2015. I was hesitant because I prefer to spend the summer traveling or relaxing at the lake. However, with 7th grade football approaching and my son's DESIRE to work out and compete in his "spare time" I felt led to allow him to participate. I'm truly glad I did! The conditioning prepared him for football. The self confidence he gained while training is priceless. He learned proper running form and competed in shot put. Also, when middle school track season comes around he'll know his way around a track meet! Nothing but positive experiences with Sonny & the Next Level coaches and program!!

Kim H.  Parent